Minutes from meeting, 2009 05 29

Tube cutting by Adrien

<Ollie> These are the general minutes from the meeting on the 29th May 2009. They're really rough, and full of grammatical and spelling errors, but give a general reminder of what we talked about...

people / roles

james @ rca, get stuff for free, speak to sponsors etc
andy @ rca, boatbuilding/sailing background
hiromi @ rca, technical side,
yoko, coordination/organisation, trying to get things organised!
nasser, metalwork expert!!!
ollie, design, media coordination
adrien, artist, building, known cesar since art school
owen, 3d design @ camberwell. metalwork, welding
ian, 3d design @ camberwell. metalwork, welding. fibreglass experience


we are building the structure, first we are building teh frames. thenm we assemble modular units so that it can be assembled/dissassembled/transported easily.
this makes it easier for a number of reasons.
first, skeleton, then reinforcement of metallic mesh

overall size of ship is 9.5m x 4.5 m

3.4 tonnes with people insde

still don't know kite size

we all know about the hull/ballast system

for the hull we have to put foam on the inside, then fill with inflatable foam, then shave, then put fibreglass and resin on the outside.

the heart of the structure is filled with plastic bottles

basically it's a raft. this is cheaper, and it's hard to make faulty...it cannot drown, as it's so floaty. the walls are made of this, so it's the same

[shows model of the walls]

maybe we have to protect the interior so that it doesn't hurt us in a storm

order of build:....
the floor first
then the hulls
then the cladding for the walls
then the rooftop

the principle for self-righting is that there is more floatation on the top than on the bottom. this way, we cannot turn upside down!

what is missing on the model is a bridge around it. there's a ladder into the roof / over the side, and a cabin for steering the kite.

the construction will be easy, we're starting from the bottom and building up...

teh very irst deadline is

the big dedlines are:
13th june, teh big prototype event
we bult the prototype in 16 hours, without technical drawing etc
the 13th june, we should have the metal, the wood, the foam and the resin. we can overlap teh teamwork, so we work as teams. maybe teh date for the metals etc:

the day for the metal is one weeks' time. then we have four days for the foam and woodwork in parallel. then 3/4 days for resin. it's difficult to do a good and beautiful looking clean job in that time. we have a wood place next door, we have the metal here now, but we have no foam. we can order that soon.

big dates
13th first show here
14-17 june installing at the rca
we can do some constructions if we haven't finished
21st rca deadline
we're still negotiating for either a harbour or the royal albert hall
rca show on 25th - 6th july

boat either inside the harbour with webcam, small show at the rca.

imagine the timeline on teh wall, first drawings on left, boat in the water via webcam. maybe an interactive installation with the boat/webcam, a skype0type hookup so you can talk to people on the boat from the show

testing stuff in london until the 18th july. capsizing, etc.

departure is planned for the 18th july

then 2 weeks of navigation from london to holland. normal boat does it overnight, then we've got 2 weeks, we mighthave to row, but we'll get theere!

we don't know the date we will get there....

on the 3rd of september we're presenting the boat at the ars electronica festival
world's best interactive art exhibition

we've wont the next big idea grant
one of the best distinctions you can get for art+installation practice

originally we made the proposal for €30,000 but we only got €7500 for the construction, plus €7500 for the travel. we had to change the project, and now it's quite minimal, but still nice!

so for ars we're focusing on two labs:
one is the energy animal. we have two engineers there helping with that
one is the floating garden, working in partnership with the media hacking centre.

so floating gardens and floating energy generators

on 9th they'd like us to sail from linz 2,000 miles down the danube
it passes through lots of places, and would be really fun!!!

originaly we've been invited to the transmediale in berlin in february
there's also the hongzhu and architecture bienniale

since the ars announcement we've got more contact starting

on 6th july we have art+architecture, on 27th august the barbican

the projec has a good life!

one we're working on is the arctic competition, making a version for the arctic, optimising for polar. these things we have now are opening the millions of doorways!

at the moment we're at family scale, we have more people joining

cesar and hiromi talking
then martin and nasser
then more people in london
then more and more
then yoko doing the admin now
so we're expanding

everyone here is a volunteer
if we can be good enough, we can hopefully get some money and share some money between us

so now let's talk about roles

the people invlved early inthe project got the 'sailing' roles

we did military training in france, we have certificates

originally we were planning to have four people, but technically we could have more people. if we have more freshwater stuff, we could have up to six

we need 50% of people with our certificates for insurance. we'd love to have anrew, he has brilliant sailing experience, etc

it's a balance of what you can bring, what needs we have, what availability you have!



admin - yoko
they do admin, make sure we don't buy two of the same thing

design - cesar, nasser, ollie, rupert
we know we have a ballast bag, but we don't know exactly what it looks like, the same withthe kites, we're designing as we go along.

construction team - work along with design team
we have the open architecture idea, so

communication team
website - we have jorge in brazil on teh website
nadine in berlin is workin on press communique

james has a lot o work! he needs to get £30k in 3 days! ha ha!

legal team - cesar's brother
for ars we have contracts, liability, responsability, we have a greenpeace lawyer working on it



many things are happening at the same time

construction is the imperative, sailing is the result
the scientifical studies etc are important!

metalwork we have nasser, adrien, cesar, ian,

at the same time we need to get different cranes so we know we can get the ship in the wwater
we need someone to find the cranes
maybe we need to find the harbour first then the cranes

foam has to be here by the 3rd

the idea is to hae the material the evening before we start working
the other material is the resin due to be here by the 7th, next week.

the foam we have to order monday/tuesday from teh college

then meanwhile for james, plastic bottles arriving by july
we need an agreement with the council
maybe this is a potential source of sponsorship too
we only want the bottles when we're going to use them!

a useful thing would be some materials to communicate with,

ian and owen close to camberwell bottle crushing plant, they know how to get hold of it
ian works for a person who orders loads of resin, she could help! they get big barrels of resin. ian to ring her tonight and ask for details.

calendar that cesar has created has a general schedule, yoko can forward it to everyone.

james has an opensailing.net email address

yoko will be keeping on top of when dates are! reminding people deadlines etc!

we need a promo pack and business cards

that's about it for the construction

what's key is that people look at the calendar and declare when they;re available

yoko need to know who is coming and when so we can prepare the tools and jobs.

any questions?
owen - who needs most help?
owen is a welding master!
nasser needs three people to work on this to make it in time

ok, so owen now helps with metalwork, every day after college, evenings, can be here all night.
owen and ian to work out schedules on day-by-day basis

so now everyone knows the dates, one easier way that we thought could be implemented, we can put the paper calendar online, email yoko our schedules, we can out them online.

is everyone happy with tasks they have assigned or does someone else want to say something?

no? let's move some metal!!!


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